Gits Upma Mix


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Gits Upma Mix

Gits Upma Mix is a pre-packaged food product that simplifies the preparation of upma, a popular Indian breakfast dish. Upma is made from semolina (also known as rava or sooji) cooked with various vegetables, spices, and seasonings. Gits Upma Mix provides a convenient and time-saving option by combining the necessary ingredients in a ready-to-cook format.

Ready to cook savoury Semolina Porridge dry mix. Makes approx. 4 servings.


Semolina, Salt, Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Palmolein oil & Sesame oil), Bengal gram, Sugar, Dehydrated green chilli, Lemon Juice Powder, Mustard seed, Dehydrated curry leaves, Ginger powder and permitted antioxidant E320.

Suitable for Vegetarian, No Artificial flavours and Colours.

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